Build Endurance and Resilience With Our Taekwondo/Karate (AGE 11+) Classes!

Taekwondo/Karate (AGE 11+)

We offer traditional practice of Taekwondo and Karate forms where you learn a series of techniques for every belt you move up in. Training helps students increase flexibility, get in shape, build endurance and improve overall physical and mental well being.

Basic techniques prepare students for more complex movements. A fundamental command of blocks and punches improves motor skills; repetition of these basic techniques teaches strength and discipline until the skills become an automatic reflex.

TaeKwondo Helps Students Gain Balance, Focus, and Core Strength

Forms are a choreographed fight against an imaginary opponent, a method which expresses the beauty and power of the art. Combining basic and advanced techniques in pre-set patterns, forms demand balance, focus and flexibility from the practitioner, honing technical proficiency. The style of forms taught at KMA increase in difficulty as the student moves through the ranks, making greater demands on their memory and coordination. Each form carries its own energy, meaning and symmetry.

Be the master of your body and mind through our TaeKwondo/Karate forms exercises!