Kids Program Is The Perfect Way To Get Your Kids Active And Healthy

We are committed to the development and dedication of our children. For our younger students, we offer a unique Martial Arts Program designed for ages 4 to 11 here in Scottsdale.

This program uses fun methods of instruction to keep the students attention while teaching valuable skills they can use in life, such as practical self defense practice, confidence, self discipline, teamwork skills & self control to focus their energy in a positive direction. Students are treated with respect & taught to return the same respect to others. We believe in praise, encouragement & positive reinforcement to build self esteem. 

Kids Program Is Fun And Full Of Learning

Our kids program focuses on a mix of styles including MMA striking and Taekwondo/Karate. We offer a unique learning experience where they are getting both physical exercise and mental stimulation through complex martial art combinations. We provide hands on learning on how to perform and apply self defense techniques to our experienced coaches who provide 1 on 1 help to each student.